LGU Loboc Honors Ambassador Carlos Chan

AMBASSADOR Carlos Chan receives a plaque of appreciation from LGU- Loboc in heartfelt appreciation for his wholehearted support in the overall development of the Municipality of Loboc most notably his noble contribution towards the realization of the municipality’s Vision, Mission, and Goals for sustainable growth and development in the field of Tourism, Livelihood, Education, Culture and Arts of the Lobocanons on the occasion of Balik-Loboc Night, last May 22, 2015 at the JAD  Cultural Center, Loboc, Bohol, Philippines.

When it comes to being benevolent and giving to the music town of Loboc, one person comes to mind: Ambassador Carlos Chan of Liwayway Marketing Corporation. He is a man with a great heart who has foundered a lot for the realization of the Municipal leader’s dream. Loboc with the leadership starting from Ex-Mayor Leon Calipusan and Mayor Helen Alaba has been transformed in many ways with the total support and commitment by the adopted Father of Loboc, their Patron Ambassador Carlos Chan.

Education is Man’s Greatest Equalizer and is one of the Central Strategy and component of LIT HOPE STRATEGY OF LOBOC. Mr. Chan readily supported the municipality in this strategy in investing in people, reducing poverty and building national competitiveness. From His generosity, love and compassion for Loboc, Mr. Chan has donated several school buildings distributed to the Loboc Central Elementary School, Gotozon Elementary School, Quinoguitan Elmentary School, Bugho Elementary School, Jimilian Primary School, Candabong Elementary School and Camayaan National Highschool.  Ambassador Chan also donated the construction of the Loboc Learning Center of Excellence in Gotozon, Loboc. The school will insure provision of quality education for the Lobocanons. 

On the other hand, Mr. Chan gave the people and provides them with opportunities to rise above poverty thru TOURISM and LIVELIHOOD developments. The Children’s Palace/ Theater had been built and fully operated last August 24, 2007, which had created opportunity for employment among the poor and marginalized in the community. He gave not only the Lobocanons, but tourist’s variety and glamour to witness and enjoy the beauty of the Loboc River thru the installation of the River Bank Lightings, which randomly change colors during the night as the Loboc River Floating Restaurants cruise. This gives birth to the Brand Name Loboc River, Nature by Day and Boulevard by Night. As a patron of beauty, Ambassador Chan further developed the Busay Falls with the enhancement and upgrading of the falls, adding exceptional beauty to the site.These projects gave the people additional livelihood.These are just a few of his major contributions in the tourism industry of Loboc, which are visibly creating additional attraction and beauty of the Town.

In the Field of Culture and Arts, the most famous and renowned world class performer, Loboc Children’s Choir has been supported by Ambassador Chan thus giving them the opportunity to perform in many parts of the world and witness the culture and beauty of many other countries. The excellent, local and international performer, Loboc Youth Ambassador’s Band has also been supported in their Dormitory and in their historic travels and performance abroad.

Despite the devastating earthquake and typhoon that hit and left the beautiful town into destruction, it didn’t break the will of the Lobocanons. Their faith and trust in God strengthened the will of the residents and managed to spring back to normal life in a very short span. Mr. Chan has felt the grief of every Lobocanons seeing the Loboc Heritage Church one of the being ruined by the terrifying earthquake last 2013. Immediately Mr. Chan gave the Church financial support for its restoration and another financial support for relief goods for the natural calamity victims of Loboc. Mr. Chan extended more than P5 million financial support to the Province and Diocese of Bohol.

Recently, he also donated a Modern Fire Truck which has answered the urgent need of the town. Just like a true father to his Children, Ambassador Chan supported the Lobocanons all the way. The gratefulness of the Lobocanons was expressed and summarized by Mayor Helen in her speech thanking Mr. Chan.

”In behalf of the People of Loboc, let me express our profound gratitude for all that you shared especially your presence and advices. The entire people of Loboc is thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for your unconditional love and support to us. Like children, we dream and like a true father to his children, your presence gives us the strength to fulfill our dreams emboldened in the knowledge that we have your total support. You are the Wind Beneath the Wings of the Journey of Loboc and its People to making Loboc a Piece of Heaven.  We thank the Holy Triune God for bringing you to Loboc. The Lord brought you to Loboc as His Gift to Us. The whole people of Loboc is one in prayer that the Good Lord continue to Bless, you so you can continue to be a Blessing to Others.”

Ambassador Carlos Chan is truly a Lobocanon by choice.

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